Buying A Condo? 3 Features To Prioritize To Enjoy The Feeling Of A House

When you compare condos and single-family homes, you will find that they both have a lot of different features and qualities. A thorough analysis is what may help you decide that you are most interested in purchasing a condo, but you may not want to miss out on some of the features that almost always come with a single-family home. This is a situation in which you will need to get a bit creative while shopping for a condo to buy one that feels like a house in several ways.


Many houses come with a garage where you can park your vehicle, store belongings, and work on projects. When you find a condo with a garage, you will notice that it is often a one-car garage, which means you will not have so much space that you can enjoy a ton of functionality. But, you should be able to park your car and store a lot of valuables in a garage while living in a condo.

While you will always benefit from having a garage where you can park your vehicle and keep it protected, you may appreciate it even more when living in a climate that gets snow. The garage can prevent you from needing to brush all the snow off your vehicle after heavy snowfall.


When you look at condos, you will find that a lot of them lack an outdoor space, which is something that you always get with a single-family home. While you should not expect to find a front yard or backyard with a condo, you can get an outdoor space in the form of a balcony.

While you will find your fair share of condos with small balconies, you can also get your hands on a condo with a sizable balcony with enough space to set up furniture, a grill, lights, and plants.


A fireplace is another feature that people often associate with single-family homes. But, you do not need to buy a house to get this feature, especially when you do not mind an electric fireplace since they have much lower requirements for installation compared to wood-burning ones.

In this case, you will just need to decide whether you want the fireplace in the living room to enjoy with your family or your master bedroom to enjoy in private.

Prioritizing these features will help you buy a condo that feels like a house in several ways. Work with a real estate agent form a company like Lake Cumberland Real Estate Professionals for help to find the right fit for you. 

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