Buying Your First Two-Story Home? 3 Tips To Help Make The Right Purchase

Purchasing a two-story home can be a great way to have more space in a neighborhood that doesn't have a lot of land available for large single-stories. If you're eager to buy a home but this will be your first two-story house, it's important for you to look into what you can prioritize.

With the following tips, there won't be any regret when buying a house and you'll be happy with the home you've chose.

Consider the Type of Stairs

As you check out different homes for sale, you'll begin to notice that the type of stairs can play a big part in how good of a fit it is for you. Wood stairs can be slippery and even dangerous when you have young children or are older and don't have great balance anymore. Carpeted stairs can require a lot more cleaning due to them picking up hair and dust, but they can add traction that can add a lot of safety at home.

Carefully Pick the Home Based on Size

The square footage of a two-story home is likely going to be much higher than your typical single-story simply due to having more than one floor. While you'll likely be interested in a two-story home to have more space, you'll need to understand the cleaning that will be necessary, as well as how much extra time it can take to clean the house.

Comparing different homes with their square footage and the size of the main rooms in the home can help a lot with figuring out which home is going to be the very best match.

Keep the Cost of the House in Mind

With the extra size of a two-story house, it's likely that the house is going to cost more money than you originally anticipated. Instead of ending up in a house that costs you a lot of money to keep comfortable with heating and cooling, you'll want to make sure that the insulation suits your needs. Paying attention to the monthly mortgage and your budget will also help weed through some of the homes for sale.

Buying a two-story house can be so great when you want more space at home, but are concerned with the amount of land a single-story can take up or simply want the separation from downstairs and upstairs. Keeping the above tips in mind can ensure that you feel confident when you buy a home with two stories.

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