The Level Of Care Offered At Senior Living Retirement Communities

Do you have a loved one who is ready to move into a senior living community, but you're worried about their needs not being met? If so, know that there are different levels of care provided at retirement home communities. This way, seniors don't have to worry about the stresses of owning their own homes, and they can still get the everyday care that they need in the following ways.

Independent Living

If your loved one is still able to do many things on their own, know that there are options that offer independent living situations. This can be great for people who need some additional amenities in their retirement home, such as handicap accessibility, but who are still able to do many things on their own. 

Independent living still provides many of the benefits of living in an assisted living community if they are needed. For example, if someone needs help with getting their medications, that can be provided by the caretakers at the facility. 

Assisted Living

The next step up in terms of the level of care would be assisted living. This is when someone needs help performing everyday activities, and a caretaker can come in and help with those tasks. For example, someone may have a handicap that does not allow them to do many physical activities to care for themselves. They could require daily help with meals, cooking, and cleaning. 

Assisted living can also include activities that help keep a loved one active. If they were living in their own home before, you may have discovered that they were not getting out much or visiting with friends. An assisted living home can help get them out of their house and have more interactions with others during the day.

Memory Care

Anyone dealing with Alzheimer's disease and other memory care issues will need a special level of care. In addition to just having the regular care needed for everyday living, additional care is provided to help with their memory. Your loved one may have difficulty remembering simple things like what they should be doing to take care of themselves, which is why specialists are there to help. 

The caretakers can also provide activities to help with rehabilitating their memory, which is key to having your loved one live a more meaningful life in their old age. This is definitely not something that they would get in other retirement community living situations. 

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