3 Tasks Your Professional Real Estate Agent Can Help You With

As a home buyer, you want to have a reasonable chance to search for a home to buy that fits your wish list and not go over your budget. Depending on the real estate market in your area, it can be more difficult to find an affordable home when home prices are constantly increasing. But with the help of a professional real estate agent, you can get a step-up above the buyers who are doing this process on their own. Here are some tasks a real estate agent can do to help you buy your next home.

Know What Homes are Available On the Market

As a main part of their job, your real estate agent should know the homes for sale on the market. They will have access to a database of listings, should have personal knowledge of specific properties for sale, and have a good professional network of local agents they continually keep in touch with for the newest listings. 

Your agent should spend the time each day to review the listings database for new homes listed so they can stay current on the market inventory. This will help you, for example, if you are looking for a specific style of home in a certain neighborhood. As they review new listings each day, they can alert you immediately when one comes available to match your criteria.

Assist You With Contract Negotiations

When you have found a home you want to put an offer on, this is where your agent's skills should really come out to play. Your real estate agent will have plenty of experience in writing an offer to make on a home, and this includes analyzing the market to determine a fair price. With access to the MLS (multiple listing service), your agent can pull data from recent home sales to calculate a true current home value on the target property. 

Then, your agent will help you write up the details of the contract, including the price, how much assistance you would like with the closing costs, deadlines for the inspections and appraisals, and any inclusions you want with the home. And when the buyer responds to your well-written offer, your agent can help you with responding for the best outcome.

Help You Hire Other Professionals 

After your offer has been accepted, the clock starts ticking to get the home inspection and appraisals completed. But how do you know who to hire to complete these tasks? Your real estate agent has been in the business long enough to know who is great to work with in both industries, and they likely have a professional they use often and know will do a good and fair job. Your real estate agent can also contact each professional and arrange for them to complete the inspection and appraisal and be present when they take place. 

Consider meeting with a real estate agent for more information. 

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