Reasons People Love Split-Floor Plan Single-Family Homes

After receiving your preapproval letter from the bank, you can start viewings homes for sale in your area. Beginning to search for a home to buy is exciting for most people, but it can also be overwhelming. Every house is different and unique, and it is hard to narrow down the search to just one. As you look at single-family homes for sale, one feature you might want to find is a split-floor plan. Many people love split-floor designs, and here are several things you should know about homes that offer this feature.

1. The Definition of a Split-Floor Plan

A lot of single-family homes have split-floor plans. When a home has this design, it means that the master bedroom is on one side of the home, and the other bedrooms are on the opposite side of the house. The home has a layout where the bedrooms are split between the two sides of the home. Homes with this design typically have three bedrooms, but some may have four or five. In all cases, the master bedroom is on the opposite side of the home than all the other bedrooms. This setup is what creates a split-floor plan.

2. The Reasons People Love This Layout

While there are people who prefer different layouts than this, many people love split-floor plans for several reasons. The first reason is privacy. A split-floor design provides more privacy for the adults in the home, as the adults have a master suite on their side of the home. This setup is ideal for parents with teen kids, or for people who have overnight guests. If you invite relatives to spend the night at your house, they can have a lot more privacy in their room if it is on the other side of the home.

The second reason is for noise purposes. If you like peace while you sleep, you will have more quiet if you have a room on the opposite side of your home than your kids. Another reason is resale value. Single-family homes with split-floor plans typically sell faster and for higher amounts because more families want homes with split-floor plans compared to homes with other setups.

After learning why people love split-floor plans, are you convinced that this is the layout you want in the home you buy? If you would like to shop for a single-family home, talk to a real estate agent and tell them which features you want in the house you buy.

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