Tips for Evaluating Home Listings Before Scheduling Viewings

Buying a house is not an event that you can rush through in just a day or two. It takes time to prepare for buying a home, and it takes time to find the right house. It then takes time to close the deal. If you want to save time during the search process, you might be able to cut some time off your search by evaluating home listings before scheduling viewings. When you do this, you can limit the number of houses you view in your search, which might even help you find the perfect home. Here are some tips that can help you find the right home listings.

Filter by Price and Location

The two main filters you should use when searching home listings are price and location. When you input these two features into the search, you will find homes in the right area for your needs. You will also limit your search to homes that you can afford. When you set your budget for your home purchase, you can search for homes that cost a little more than the budget you set. For example, if your budget is $270,000, you might want to view homes that are $280,000 or less.

Consider the Property Tax Costs

Every home listing should include the property tax costs for the home. Property taxes is an expense you will always have to pay with any home, but the costs vary. The goal is to find a house with property taxes that you can afford.

Review the DOM

While viewing listings, you might want to look for the DOM. DOM refers to the length of time a home has been listed for sale, and it stands for "days on the market." Some people view homes with high DOMs as red flags; you can ask your real estate agent about this if you have questions.

Ask Questions If You Have Any

While browsing the listing, you can view the pictures and other details about the home. While doing this, you might have some questions about the house. Before you schedule a home tour, contact your real estate agent to find the answers to any questions you might have about a house for sale.

When you use these techniques to filter through home listings, you can narrow down your house search to the homes that best fit your needs. If you have questions about home listings or need to schedule tours, contact your local real estate agent for help.

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