The Real Estate Market Is on Fire: Do You Still Need an Agent?

Home prices are soaring in many markets, and that's a situation that's often highly advantageous for sellers. If you're getting ready to sell your house, you might be wondering if you need a real estate agent with such a hot market. The potential for realizing significant gains from your current home is high, so it's understandably tempting to want to minimize your sales costs as much as possible.

However, despite record home prices, it's still best to use a real estate agent to help you list your home. These three reasons will help explain why working with an agent is always the right choice, regardless of the current market conditions.

1. Market Familiarity

No matter how much time you spend browsing listing sites, your agent is guaranteed to understand your local market better than you. This knowledge helps with more than just determining an asking price, however. One of the critical roles your agent will play is to help you get your home ready for sale, and that's a process that depends heavily on understanding the specific needs of local buyers.

Part of this process may involve repairs, renovations, and inspections. In some markets, listing a home with outstanding maintenance issues can have a significant negative impact on sales price, while it may be a non-issue in other areas. Your agent will help you to decide what steps (if any) you should take to get your ready for sale in your market.

2. Buyer Connections

If you've seen homes in your area sell well above the asking price, you may have thought, "I wish that could be me!" Unfortunately, these sales rarely just happen. Instead, quick sales for high prices usually rely on making the right buyer connections as soon as possible. Your agent knows your market, knows how to contact buyers, and knows how to find the ones most likely to be interested in your home.

Timing the market is another essential part of this process and one that your agent should be well qualified to perform. Listing at the right time, especially in a market with a glut of homebuyers, can mean the difference between receiving a good offer and a great offer. These advantages alone can make hiring an agent worth your time and money.

3. Vetting and Paperwork

You'll also need to ensure that your buyers are well-qualified and that all over the final details are in place once they're ready to close. A sale that falls through at the last minute can waste valuable time and cause you to miss the perfect moment for your listing. The extra work your real estate agent performs on this front can save you from facing potentially frustrating setbacks.

As tempting as it can be to sell on your own, consider working with a real estate agent. They offer far too many benefits to ignore, no matter the market conditions.

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